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5 questions regarding Blackphone and other Crypto phones

Everyone is under surveillance. Just couple of years ago you can argue this statement. Nowadays, not a single month passes without some large scandal.

Privacy is not important for everyone, but there are many people who would like to keep their secrets when it comes to phone conversations and SMS.

The logical choice is a special encryption phone. But is it as good as you thought? […]


Why Using Popular Communication Apps Is Not a Good Idea In Terms of Security

Browse through your PC and mobile devices. Certainly, you have one of those most popular communication services used by millions of people all over the world. What’sApp, Viber, Telegram – if you don’t use one of those, you’re definitely acquainted with Skype.

All of the mentioned above services claim they have high protection from hacking, wiretapping, etc. But should we take it for granted? […]


Can Skype Be Used for Secure Conversation?

When communicating with the relatives or business partners via Skype, one supposes that his or her private life do remain private. But this assumption is actually not true.

The question whether Skype can be called a secure means of communication is a concern of many people. Here is an investigation of this problem to your attention. […]


Hacking Telegram and WhatsApp: No Special Agencies Needed

Few years ago such things as wiretapping, intercepting calls and text messages, hacking phones and PCs were associated with intelligence agencies and government spies only.

However, the time zips along, and our modern digital era gives more and more possibilities to those who seek. In our present context, this is a bunch of spying programs, software, and other methods that allow any person, even without specific knowledge, find out somebody else’s secrets. […]


Open Source: Solution for Security Issues?

There are many cases when keeping privacy really matters. Of course, you wouldn’t bother if you’re discussing a friend’s birthday present or shopping list with your spouse. However, some business solutions or political discussions do have to remain secret.

How to keep your conversation, be it a call or a text message, protected from wiretapping and intercepting? […]


Silent Circle silently snuffs out its warrant canary — but claims it’s a “business decision”

Silent Circle, the maker of encrypted messaging apps and a security hardened Android smartphone, called Blackphone, has discontinued its warrant canary. […]


Spies Everywhere: How Anyone Can See Your Conversations in Messengers

You are sure that your girlfriend doesn’t know about your new intrigue? You believe your competitor doesn’t suspect about your plans for the future business meeting? Well, maybe you are too optimistic. If you still believe that your messages in Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. are safe and protected, after reading this article you will be totally disappointed. […]


SS7 Attacks: Intercepting SMS and Calls As Easy As ABC

We have already talked about the non-security of such popular messengers as Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and others. They are wiretapped, listened, and hacked every day by anyone who wants it, and government in addition. So maybe a good old-fashioned SMS is more reliable in terms of security?

Maybe, sending a text message, and then deleting it from your phone is the best way to keep a secret? […]


Is It Easy to Intercept an SMS?

We have already mentioned the insecurity of the today’s most popular communication services, such as Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, etc. Unfortunately, the situation with SMS is on no account better. In this article we will talk about the reasons and methods of intercepting text messages. […]